A few words about us

At Arizona Companion Care our focus is on providing companionship and assistance to seniors who may be living alone, struggling with mobility, or facing other challenges related to aging.  We provide seniors assistance with activities of daily living, emotional support, and more.

A Trusted 

We listen to seniors' concerns and provide emotional support during difficult times, which can be invaluable for seniors who may feel isolated or lonely. Our goal is to assist seniors in maintaining their independence and quality of life.




An ideal solution 

Our Services


We provide socialization and emotional support, which is important for seniors who live alone.


Our caregivers may drive seniors to appointments, social events, or other activities. We also assist with shopping and errands.

Mobility Support

We specialize in senior fitness and assisting seniors with getting in and out of bed, moving around the house, and getting in and out of vehicles.
We help seniors remember to take their medications on time and ensure that they are taking the correct dosages.
We can prepare meals for seniors, taking into account any dietary restrictions or preferences.
Helping seniors with bathing, dressing, grooming, and other personal hygiene tasks when needed.
A Compassionate Friend

We listen and provide support to each client by being a trusted and compassionate presence in their lives.  

Reliable And Dependable

Our caregivers show up on time for their scheduled shifts and are honest, trustworthy, and respectful of seniors' privacy.

Emotional Support

We provide emotional support, which can be invaluable for those who may feel isolated or lonely.

Respectful And Communicative

Our caregivers communicate effectively and have  a positive and upbeat attitude, which helps seniors feel comfortable and happy in their company.

Flexible and willing
to adapt to changing needs

Our caregivers are able to adjust their schedules as necessary and are compassionate, trustworthy, and experienced.

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